Free Email Address for Business

4 Reasons You Must Never Use A Free Email Address for Business

What would you think if a business card with a free email address was handed to you?

This post is about appropriately configuring your business’s technology. You should look the part when it is tiny and protect it when it’s big. A free email address is not the way to do it.

The idea is clear: email rules. Many customers opt for communication by email. As you are aware, it provides a fabulous ROI for your marketing plan, except if you use a free email such as Gmail, Hotmail, or some internet provider. If so, you lose business with each passing day.

A Free Email Address Appears Amateurish

What if banks were using free email accounts? You would never feel good about providing them with details, not to mention your money. The way people perceive your company will make or break your business. Without a skilled touch, you’ll look fleeting and temporary. This appearance puts your integrity in doubt and sends a message that you’re not genuine about doing business. Even worse, that you cut corners.

It Wipes Out Your Experience if You Use a Free Email Address for Business

A Free Email Address Wipes Out Your Experience

Newer, inexperienced companies often begin with a free email address. The free email address conveys they are new and do not have experience. They look un-established and like a fad. Using free email addresses, moving into a professional market is terrible, as well as any experience nullified.

It’s Forgettable or Inappropriate

A company depends upon staying memorable to get referrals and value from marketing. Free email addresses are difficult to recall and crammed with clutter. For instance: ‘[email protected]’ or [email protected]’ Neither of these is easy to say or memorize without a likelihood of typos and undelivered emails. Brand-name email addresses make operating a profitable and flexible company far more comfortable. An example is ‘[email protected]’.

It’s Not Permanent or Protected

Seccurity issues with free email addresses

When using a free email address, you are in the hands of the email provider. They may shut down or end your account for whatever reason they choose. These kinds of accounts are also often hacked and leaked. When another internet email comes along, you will still jammed up by using an old email address because of the old one free email address printed on your business card, car lettering, and flyers.

Some providers will agree to maintain the address for a cost, although you’ll lose control and the necessary flexibility to expand your company. Using your domain name, you own it and can switch to a new business-grade email service with ease. You’ll also have full control over the addresses inside your domain. You can change passwords and creation/closure of accounts when you please.

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