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5 Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop for Businesses

Doing your work from the office is now a thing of the past for many businesses. You have clients to meet, roadshows to run, and conferences to attend. Employees want to work wherever they are and when they want while on the move entirely. Windows Virtual Desktop can be a massive help with meeting this need for such a mobile workforce.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, staffers can have continued access to office workstations while off-site. The cloud will give them the access required for all the business programs and data. Also, the individual worker can use a tablet, laptop, or other mobile devices. The staffer will log in to a virtual desktop that will look much like the one they use at work.

So, let us look at the benefits offered by Windows Virtual Desktops.

#1 Convenience of Windows Virtual Desktops

The access to desktops from any location will make it easier for staffers to keep working. This unanchored access allows them to do the needed work whenever they can do it. The Windows Virtual Desktops make the user just as efficient as in the office because they mirror the office’s desktop. Your workers will not have to learn new tasks when working off-site or teleworking. If they are looking for files, they will be in the same place as if they are sitting at their desk in the main office.

#2 Lower Business Costs

Your business can also utilize software applications that require more power than can be found on mobile devices. Windows Virtual Desktops will tap into a cloud-based network that is very robust. This access to the cloud means the business doesn’t need to invest in the more expensive infrastructure required to support these applications.

The business also doesn’t have to worry about upgrading several computers. The virtual desktop is in the cloud and will do all the backend work because it is easily scalable. This same scalability will save a great deal of time since the business doesn’t struggle through a long wait time going through upgrades to the infrastructure.

Since it is cloud-based, you can also lower costs due to hiring people from anywhere in the world. Your entire team would be working from Windows Virtual Desktop; someone logging in from India can view and access the same information as an employee in North America.

#3 Security of Windows Virtual Desktops

Like most businesses, you probably have policies regarding devices and applications people can use to do work. However, employees will still take the least resistance path when companies try to limit risky downloads of software and prevent them from connecting unsecured devices to the network. If workers think it is easier to get work done on their personal and unapproved smartphones, they will probably do it, the same for applications. If it is easier to access the unapproved application than the one approved by the business, they will probably do it.

With virtual desktops, you do not have to worry about these things. You will be streamlining safe access to approved business data and applications. Your patches and updates come from Microsoft, a company heavily invested in the cybersecurity of their products.

#4 Business Continuity

If you have moved to mostly remote work in 2020 like most other companies, then you probably already recognize the value of cloud technology. With virtual desktops hosted in the cloud, you have business continuity. Even if your office experiences a natural disaster or disruption, employees can still get online and work. The virtual desktop environment allows them to keep working consistently through disaster or disruption.

The business can quickly get running again due to the workers’ ability to access the needed applications and data to do their job. It does not matter what the situation is in one geographic locale; workers will continue working while the restoration of services is still taking place at the office.

#5 IT’s Job Is More Manageable With Virtual Desktop

With virtual desktops, your IT people don’t need to handle as much physical technology since the system will exist in the cloud. Another plus is that IT doesn’t have to clean up used laptops and reimage them for another employee. Virtual desktops can be saved and transferred to new users.

Your IT experts can now turn their attention to activities that add value to the business and customers. Now that they are freed from time-consuming, tedious work, they can contribute and innovate with revenue-driving ideas.


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