5 Ways Managed Services Make Computer Issues A Thing of the Past

5 Ways Managed Services Make Computer Issues A Thing of the Past

I have repaired many computers, desktops, and laptops over the years. Unfortunately, this is like ‘shutting the stable doors after the horse has bolted.’ Computers tend to die during the worst possible moment. I am talking about those moments, such as when a critical project has a deadline the next day. Then there are those times it ‘kicks the bucket’ before you copy family photos or important files to a backup. Well, managed services may be the answer.

Managed IT service providers combine their repair services along with preventive actions to make sure these unfortunate and untimely moments don’t occur with you. Able to remotely care for every computer in your home, Managed IT services will be guarding you against both threats and computer failures.

Ensure Anti-Virus and Security Software is Current

Even though many homes possess anti-virus and other security software on their computers, they will not always have the most recent virus and security threat definitions. Those systems are under threat each minute they are spending on the Internet since the anti-virus simply won’t detect and prevent an unknown threat.

More viruses and security threats arise every single day. There are entire businesses devoted to creating anti-virus and security updates in order to stop them. Managed IT services can ensure your anti-virus and security threat definitions will always be current. They’re going to protect your computer against even the latest threats and viruses.

Managed IT Services Check for Software Patches

Nefarious hackers love to spend their time thinking of different methods to hack into computers. Software companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, release periodic patches to close those gaps in security. The patches meant to be automatically applied, but often do not happen. This failure could be that the patches didn’t download entirely due to an error or connection issue.

Managed IT services consist of remotely verifying that every patch was applied successfully, and they troubleshoot if necessary. The bundling of new functionality, as an additional benefit, will allow you to discover they have already installed for you.

These are just five ways that managed IT services can make computer issues history.

Early Crash Recognition

Certain parts in the computer sound off ‘alarm bells’ when they are dying. Sadly, they’re not the typical alarms, which would be too convenient. The warnings computers do have are just information contained in the background that requires interpretation or a manual check. Managed IT services will be able to monitor those and provide advice for fixes as needed.

Data Protection Provided by Managed IT Services

Hard drives that hold and store your data will fail sooner or later. However, hard drives are a part that sounds early ‘alarm bells.’ Managed IT services will be able to monitor this issue, and provide enough notice, so you have time for backing up those critical files. When it comes a time, they work together with you to schedule the replacement of the drive. They will also ensure to re-install or clone the operating system, based on your preference.

Managed IT Services Will Give You Tune-ups

Even highly cared for computers slow down as time goes by. Operating systems can become corrupt, hard disks become cluttered, and remnants of uninstalled programs linger around. Managed IT services will be able to remotely schedule and execute a routine maintenance session that keeps your computer operating in perfect form at lightning speeds.

Managed IT services transparently take place, so there’s no interruption for you. Simply appreciate the advantages of your own IT team for a single fixed, low-cost. Everyone in your home can continue to use computers as usual. The only change is the issues get addressed before happening, and your machines have far better security against the threats.

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