There’s never a good time to lose your CIO

Losing ANY senior team member is painful.

They knew your company, your team, your processes, your challenges, and most importantly they knew you.

So, it can seem like a new replacement simply can’t measure up.

With technical roles, this can be even more challenging… As many of your IT systems and ITSM processes will be set up and tailored to the unique strengths of your previous CIO.

This means a successful handover requires creating new documents and putting new processes in place to facilitate the new candidate; but this takes time that your previous team member may not be able to give, or simply hasn’t been trained to produce.

But a successful transition is crucial.

Because the impact of the CIO is far reaching and long lasting. And mistakes made now will permeate through your business, and ultimately hit the bottom line for years to come.

This can leave you feeling trapped; Unable to rush into hiring a (potentially wrong) new placement but needing additional support fast.

Yet this period doesn’t have to be a time of worry and stress…

Hiring a new technical leader for the organisation also presents a fantastic opportunity.

This is a chance to get fresh perspectives into the business, cover previously unexplored areas of growth and increase the success of your company.

It all comes down to carefully managing this transition, while giving yourself the time to find the right candidate to fill your new role. And that’s where I come in…

I’m help turn your new CIO stress into new CIO success.

Introducing: The 60-day CIO

The professional CIO who will work with you for 60 days, to manage the difficult transition period between executives. This means you can keep your team productive and seamlessly fill the gap between your previous CIO leaving, and helping to usher in a perfect new CIO for you.

Hi, I’m Joe. I’ll be your 60-day CIO.

Experience you can trust

Having worked in the industry for over 28 years, I’ve developed a wide range of expertise. This is crucial for a short-term position, where you need someone to hit the ground running from day one, fully equipped with industry knowledge. Whatever challenges you’re facing, big or small I’ll be able to help out, whether your junior team need hands on support or just some high-level guidance.

History managing CIO transitions

Even senior CIO’s can be relatively inexperienced when it comes to transitioning a replacement. As a consultant I’ve helped manage multiple companies through this transition and provided ongoing support so I know exactly what works and how to make sure your team takes advantage of this unique opportunity to come out even stronger than they began.

Flexible approach to match your business

Great advice can be wrong for your business case. My years of working with teams has given me insight into an array of diverse technologies each with their own unique requirements. This allows me to give strategic advice tailored directly to your needs, making sure all your changes land with impact – without taking months to get up to speed.

Access to valuable ITSM resources

As the ITSM Rhino, I’ve developed countless resources and templates to help businesses achieve rapid ITSM improvements, alongside collecting some of the industries cutting edge research and leading reports. Of course, I’ll bring all of these great resources with me to help empower your entire IT team.

Skilled applicant screening

It can be hard to screen for a good candidate to fill the CIO role, especially if you don’t have personal experience handling the role yourself, or the technical background to validate the claims made by new applicants. I’m perfectly positioned to help you search and screen potential applications so you can be sure you’ve found the right hire for your company.

Seamless handover

A powerful exit plan is the key to helping your team thrive post transition. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive exit plan that helps minimise the risk of disruption during my own handover and ensures the goals we set up together continue to guide the team far into the future.

30-day free follow up

As part of the 60-day CIO experience, I provide you with an additional 8 hours of support for 30 days after my handover, which can be directly with the incoming CIO, IT manager or senior executives. This makes sure you’ve got support for any unexpected challenges and keeps your team moving full speed ahead.

What does this really mean for you…


                 WITHOUT 60-day CIO

                 WITH 60-day CIO

·         Months without proper IT leadership and growth

·         Radical drop in team morale and performance

·         Old systems becoming inaccessible and lost.

·         Lack of direction across the department

·         Vital protocols being overlooked

·         Decreased ITSM standards

·         Increased turnover of your best IT employees

·         Risk of being forced into a bad hire

·         Massive reduction to your bottom line

·         Instant support for the IT team from day 1.

·         Improved team morale and direction.

·         Continued improvements and change management.

·         Freedom to take the time to find the right CIO candidate.

·         Plus, all the strategic benefits of an industry leading CIO…

What will our 60 days together look like?

Sixty days is the average amount of time it takes to find the perfect new CIO for your company. After years of leading IT teams, I realised this is too long to go without an executive.

So, I carefully crafted my own 60-day strategy, to fill this gap and help you handle this transition period, without risking losses to your business.

This process is split up into three key stages outlined below.

Stage 1 (Day 0-30): Detailed evaluation

  1. Understanding your expectations and needs
  2. Establishing strong relationships with all stakeholders
  3. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your unique business challenges
  4. Evaluating and reviewing your technology and team in detail

Stage 2 (Day 30-60): Alignment and development

  1. Prioritize improvements alongside your team
  2. Clarify the required stakeholder roles to implement positive change
  3. Execute on these detailed plans
  4. Demonstrate impact with measurable improvements to your business
  5. Review and improve on any areas of difficulty

Stage 3 (day 60 and beyond): continued execution and handover

  1. Tailor an exit strategy for your new hire.
  2. Prepare suitable documentation for successful transition.
  3. Execute smooth handover to your permanent placement

Don’t continue to struggle through without a CIO to lead your team, or risk reductions in performance during hand over.

Let me help you take the pressure off your team and turn your CIO stress into CIO success.

Book a free consultation to discuss your requirements by contacting us today.