The battery is seldom spoken about – up until they are dead – but then we will tell everybody while we plead frantically for a battery charger, eager to obtain enough juice to last out the day. The fact is, batteries seem to be a wonder of engineering that gets taken for granted when it is full and then cussed at when they die.

If it seems as though your battery is dying faster, you may be right. Although it’s not because of ‘battery memory’ and having to be cycled (it is an old battery type referred to as NiMh), it’s because the contemporary LITHIUM-ION batteries in mobile phones and laptop computers just merely wear out as time goes on. Luckily, stretching your battery life is simpler than you think! Which of these GREAT battery habits do you possess?

Charge Every Time You Can

Lithium-ion batteries do not like being charged and subsequently drained. No surprise, this even seems tiring. Give them a little bit of a charge here and then there, and they will be fine.

Leave the Laptop Plugged in Constantly

You will not over-charge your battery; it will quietly wait there for you to use it. A laptop computer additionally helps by cutting off the power flow after your battery reaches a full charge.

lithium-ion batteries
Lithium-ion battery (image source: Wikipedia)

Look Out for Overheating

If possible, remove the laptop’s battery when charging, because although it will not overcharge, it might overheat. You may also consider disconnecting the battery if your computer remains plugged in all the time. Yes, you could lose data if there is a power failure, however overheating remains a far more frequent event, as well as it has proven to reduce battery life expectancy significantly. Check to see if your vents stay clear and have good airflow, and if required, help with a cooling laptop stand.

Leave Your Mobile Phone Plugged in During the Night

Like your laptop, the charger understands it should stop once the battery finishes charging. These charging devices do produce heat. So be sure you have enough airflow across your charger and mobile phone. Do not ever sleep with the phone beneath your pillow.

Charge Your Batteries Before Storing

If you happen to have the blessing of backup batteries, make sure to provide them with at least a half charge before storage. They will discharge and age; therefore, this gives them a fighting chance to be viable whenever you needed.

Keep Your Batteries Cool

We all know to avert water with our mobile phones. However, we are less cautious about subjecting it to the heat. This heat can generate from:

  • Leaving it in your vehicle the entire day
  • Putting something on the top of your computer
  • Perhaps even a sunny place by the window

Wireless and rapid battery chargers could also be a problem, such as the amount of heat they produce will have an impact on your battery.

Conclusion of Habits for Maintaining Your Batteries

Just how did you do? Is maintaining your lithium-ion battery more straightforward than you were thinking? The battery wears out as time goes on. Although you may push that date a few more years into the future, if you can, do not forget to keep it charged up and keep it cool.

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