Being a Better Business Owner with Tech

Be a Better Business Owner with 3 Tech Tips

Business is severe; there is no doubt about that! As a business owner or manager, you are juggling customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and employees. It seems endless. Then, add to that, you are operating in a high-tech, competitive economy. The competition always appears to be a step ahead of you. It is just amazing you can keep your head above water.

There is also that undying desire to stay ahead of the competition. You want to cut your costs, increase productivity, and go on that dream vacation.

Does that vacation seem to always move further into the horizon?

Here I share three tech tips that will make your life much more straightforward as a business owner or manager. You may even get a little closer to receiving that “World’s Best Boss” coffee cup. :-).

Be a Better Business Owner by Thinking About a Commuting Policy

Remote work is no longer a possibility; it has become an expectation due to better Internet connections and better tech. Many computer-related tasks in a business can be done remotely, from home or another remote location. Though, there are some jobs remote will not work, like virtual burgers. A split week, 1-2 days at home, and the rest in the office, can be a massive boost to productivity and morale.

From an owner or manager viewpoint, remote employees can be more efficient with little to no distractions of drive-by conversations and office disturbances. Studies have shown that remote workers have fewer absences and stay on the job longer.

For the employee, there is no wasted time or frustration with a commute. They can also get their work done quicker than when in the office, feel happier and healthier overall.

Don’t Go Cheap on Technology

It is not surprising that you have another technical related post telling you to invest money into tech but stay with me, please. The backbone of most businesses today is technology.

However, you will still see folks who attempt to move along with the absolute minimum investment and little maintenance in their tech. And by “see folks,” I am talking about the clients who make external IT service providers lots of money because of their constant repairs and data recovery engagements.

Shortcuts lead to headaches. Taking these shortcuts with technology leads to higher failure rates, increased downtime, and frustrated employees who cannot do their job, all the while, you are still paying them.

Yes, BIG headaches!

The business will always pay more in the long run when they hold onto older tech past the end of life.

Embrace Cloud

There are cloud versions for most existing software packages today. This packaging in the cloud allows many people to access the software at one time and provides additional backup and synchronization advantages. There will be no more sending out separate copies of the same reports, clogging up email servers. Your remote workers, CFO, sales team, and others can view the same reports.

Using software like OneDrive and Evernote for collaboration and notetaking is a perfect use of cloud technology. While out and about, you and employees can make some notes on a mobile device. They can then be synced up perfectly to the cloud or your desktop in the office when and how you need it. Your entire filing cabinet can be in your pocket, scan in the paperwork, and Viola!

Conclusion of Being a Better Business Owner with Tech

Unlock multiple possibilities with your business technology.  It will make your days go smoother than most, make them more profitable, productive, and place you ahead of your competition. Are you ready?

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