Black Friday Shopping

Beating the Black Friday Backlog?

That new technology you have been keeping an eye on is about to go on sale for Black Friday shopping. This sale is not just your regular type of special deal. Black Friday brings people out in the hundreds and sometimes even thousands to the store. Herds rush through the entrance doors and bring the checkout lines to a complete standstill like Los Angeles traffic at rush hour.

Every year at this time, on Black Friday, technology devices and accessories are discounted at an average of 30%. Computers, tablets, phones, and other techie devices. All you need to do is beat the crowds to these significant savings on the brand new techie releases. If you can do this, then that does mean Christmas comes early.

Wow! Black Friday…Phew!

Many folks often miss out when the checkouts go down, or the pushy, grabby hands snatch the device you wanted right from under you. But this will not be you this year.

This year you will know the exact stuff you are after and have a plan. Nothing will stand in your way. You can grab:

  • That new computer that can boot up in about 30 seconds
  • The laptop with a touchscreen and will fit in a purse or small bag and weighs less than a pound.
  • Then there is the wireless printer, so silent and prints so well you’ll print everything

Black Friday Should be About You

This time, and this year, on Black Friday, it will be all about YOU…and it is about time!

Black Friday weekend is not about waiting patiently and opposes what it stands for. This lack of patience is why you will get in earlier than the herded masses. You will be able to buy and use the tech you’re looking for on the big day.

  • No more waiting on the hook up from the in-store support person you know.
  • You no longer have to wait for a 13-year-old neighborhood smart kid to come over and install the software you need.
  • You don’t have to keep the old jalopy running while figuring out how to move your saved files and information to the new tech.

This Year, I’m Virtually by Your Side

Let me know if you need help you with:

  • Initial setup and connectivity
  • Backup and migration from old devices
  • Installing alternate operating systems
  • Installing and configuring your software
  • Online security measures such as AntiVirus

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Black Friday Shopping
This year you get some help on Black Friday!

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