Five Top Cloud Computing Fears

Confronting the Five Top Cloud Computing Fears

There is growth in the public cloud service market. Infrastructure, software, desktop, and other service numbers are all on the rise. However, some companies are still holding back from migrating to the cloud and someone else’s data center. The following article discusses familiar oppositions to this extraordinarily scalable and cost-effective solution.

#1 Fear of Losing Control

“I want full responsibility for my IT.” Turning to the public cloud requires partnering with a vendor. Some of your current technology can move as is, but other tools your people depend on might require replacement or redesign.

One possible solution is to migrate to a private cloud. This solution enables you to continue to control the data environment, but it will be a more expensive solution than the public alternative. Be clear on accountability when working in partnership with a public cloud service provider. Make sure that you are both on the same page about who is responsible for what.

#2 Fear of Change

“If it ain’t broke, why fix it,” particularly when it comes to enterprise computing, right? Switching from one data center to a different one necessitates preparation and effort.

However, the subsequently increased flexibility makes the work worthwhile. Cloud migration is attractive because the technology provides, among other things:

  • scalability
  • increased effectiveness
  • faster implementation
  • mobility
  • disaster recovery

The cloud enables you to store data, execute applications, distribute content, and more – all online. Your company does not need to invest in the hardware or networking tech on-site.

#3 Fear for Data Security

Any downtime due to a data breach can cause productivity to suffer as well as cost your brand reputation and business revenue. But that is only the start. Well, you do not want to go with a solution that creates a larger target to attack.

Physical and digital are two ways to be attacked. You gain a partner focused on security with a cloud provider. The cloud providers know the countermeasures and mitigations for cloud computing specific capabilities. They know the approaches, architectures, and frameworks to protect against digital attacks. Azure receives $1 billion a year from Microsoft for safeguarding against cyberattacks. Can your IT budget compete with that?

Regarding physical security, the cloud data center is very secure. We are talking about guards, keycards, fenced perimeters, server redundancy, and power backups. The data center has the works with regards to security features. Your office is most likely less secure than the data center.

#4 Fear for Interoperability Challenges

We are always told to play well with others. However, what if your existing tech does not play well with the cloud? Many business leaders will fear being stuck with reinventing the wheel.

So, the good news? Great strides in interoperability have been made. There are many application programming interfaces available to help with this. These cloud providers want those business systems to use and exchange information seamlessly.

#5 Fear of Cost Increases

Take stock of your current operating budget before giving into cost concerns. It may surprise you with the time and money you can save. As an example, the software provider will take charge of patching, new capabilities, and updates. Which alone will increase your IT team’s productivity in other areas.

The scalability of cloud solutions counterbalances cost concerns. You will know that your tools are always evolving with cloud technology. Also, you can quickly reduce or add data storage and licenses when required. There will be no waiting for hardware to arrive or be provisioned by an already overworked IT group.

Conclusion of Confronting the Five Top Cloud Computing Fears

You will avoid training employees to support technology with cloud migration. Additionally, you will not have to pay for power, cooling, or space to house the equipment because the servers are not in your data center. You will receive almost immediate access from nearly any device with cloud for your end-users.

The one challenge is migrating to the cloud securely. The ITSM Rhino can set your business up with cloud solutions. I am also here to help manage and secure cloud-based systems. Reach out to me today by calling me at 877-858-9272 to learn more!

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