This article is the follow-up from the previous post related to privacy on facebook; Facebook Privacy Know-How. The previous post used the older Facebook theme and menus to display the setting changes referenced. This post uses the new theme as of the writing of this article.

How to Verify and Alter Your Privacy on Facebook Preferences

1. Look at how your account appears to an outsider

privacy on facebook
From the Facebook homepage, click on your name on the left side of the screen.
Click the eyeball icon to see what your profile looks like to others.
To leave this view, click ‘Exit View As.’

2. Run a swift privacy assessment

Click on the V-shaped drop down on the right side of the bell icon.  Then click ‘Settings & Privacy.’
Select the ‘privacy checkup.’

Reflect on what you want to share – do people have to know the YEAR of you were born or only your birthday? Your family and buddies will still get a notification, and will maybe receive the balloons.

3. Edit advanced privacy

While the checkup includes the most apparent information, it is possible to go a lot further.

privacy on facebook
Click on the V-shaped dropdown on the right side of the bell icon and click ‘Settings & Privacy.’
Click on settings
privacy on facebook
Select ‘privacy.’

4. Change timeline and tagging

Through the privacy settings, you will be able to expressly manage who could tag you, who can view or share the tagged content, as well as what displays on your newsfeed.


This article used the new theme to provide step by step instructions. If you are using the old theme, see my post using it for the step by step instructions at FACEBOOK PRIVACY KNOW-HOW

Strengthening your Facebook privacy takes just a few minutes, but it might save you a whole bunch of problems in the future.

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