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G Suite for Business – Is It the Right Choice?

We examine G Suite for Business benefits as your organization’s email, storage, and conferencing solution. Join us for a candid G Suite review.

Google G Suite, formerly referred to as Google Apps for Work, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that collects all of Google’s collaboration and productivity tools in one place for use by businesses, industries, non-profits, or even personal use.

While most of these apps are free for non-paying users, subscribers can avail of enterprise-level features offered by G Suite. These characteristics include but are not limited to shared calendars, unlimited cloud storage, and increased admin control managers can have full control over online workflow/access.

G Suite is designed to streamline work tasks and collaboration; it also helps with the professional image of a business.  In short, G Suite pulls together many aspects, processes, applications, and management systems of a company and organizes them in one place.

However, despite its shiny exterior, a brief product description isn’t enough for a business to know rather or not, its services will rise to their expectations and needs. By taking a look at the regularly noted advantages and disadvantages, they can get a better picture. So, why not take a look at a comprehensive review of Google G Suite through all of its “pros & cons.”

The Pros Of Using Google G Suite

Integrated workspace

Since most modern services have a built-in “sign in with Google” prompt, G Suite can be deployed, integrated, and accessed across many other technologies.

Plus, it can cultivate a simple standard that can be implemented and followed across numerous departments with consistent updates across the board. A main contributing factor to this benefit is that the G Suite user interface remains the same no matter which device it’s used on or who is using it.

AI & Searchability

Anything on a company or business data can be searched for using Google G Suite. An in-depth AI-aided search is conducted simply from a user typing their query into one of the many search boxes provided across the platform. This includes bringing up documents in Google Drive, calendar events, updates, and hangout messages.

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Every application on the G Suite platform is designed to be used by anyone. Its visually appealing interface consists of conspicuous queues, buttons, and directions that help users to find what they’re looking for at first glance.

Employees will not need any training to come to grips with the G Suite’s easily navigable system. And better still, there’s a comprehensive “help” function for any user who runs into issues.

It Can Be Used Anywhere On Any Device

Most G Suite users commend its service for allowing them to edit documents seamlessly while on-the-go. That’s because it’s compatible with almost all electronic devices, including phones and laptops.

Tailored Plans To Suit All Businesses

G Suite’s most straightforward bundle is designed to suit small business needs. On the other hand, the G Suite businesses bundle offers more range in terms of storage, functions, and number of users allowed. For large-scale businesses, there’s the G Suite enterprise bundle that

offers business-grade security, compliance features, flexible cloud storage options, and advanced meeting capabilities.

If that’s not enough, all bundles can be further customized and specialized once purchases and implemented.

Easy Start

Businesses with under 300 employees need to sign up online to avail of Google’s G Suite’s services. It’s not much more complicated for companies with more than 300 employees. By contacting the G Suite sales team, they will be given an overview of appropriate enterprise plans, which they can then choose from.


Considering how the wealth of features contained on the G Suite system can boost business activity, sales, and customer reoccurrence, you’re almost guaranteed to make back whatever you spend on it! Take a look at the available G Suite packages to suit different business types below:

G Suite Basic $6 per month per month

Each user receives 30 GB of shared storage across Drive and Gmail. App-making software is included, but this package lacks the “cloud search” function.

G Suite Business $12 per month per month

Retains basic plan features with added unlimited storage for all users and making specific cloud searches for company content.

Google, G Suite Enterprise $25 per month

Similar to G Suite business with additional security options to prevent breaches or data loss. Increased admit control is also available.

14 Days Of A Free Trial

For businesses apprehensive about making the first step or unsure what management system is the right fit for their workflow, they can avail of Google G Suite’s 14 fays free trial.

Despite Google G Suite’s many advantageous, state-of-the-art, and industry partners have lauded convenient functions and users alike – there’s some room for improvement.

Following are a few of the possible downsides of using Google G Suite packages according to the user and industry reviews:

The Cons Of Using Google G Suite.

Internet Access Is A Necessity

Naturally, being rooted in the cloud, G Suite is heavily reliant on internet connection. If a user cannot access G Suite online, they will not have access to several central apps or data. They have been working towards remedying this offline productivity issue by introducing various updates. However, as of now, the offline use of G Suite still leaves much to be desired compared to other integrated workplaces such as Microsoft Office.

Mass Sharing Is Not Possible

For companies who collect, monitor, and regularly share data, it’s often necessary to perform large-scale transfers internally and externally. While G Suite offers file sharing and drives sharing locally, drives cannot be shared outside the company/business.

This limitation makes working with G Suite’s unfeasible for data-intense industries.


Having data hosted in the cloud continually presents a more increased security risk compared to hosting data locally.

If you have several accounts with Google (e.g., a professional and personal account), it can become tiresome switching between them as needs are.

Document Conversion Issues

Converting Google sheets and docs to other formats such as PDF can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Some Google files may even not be compatible with the desired conversion outcome.

Google Meets

By modern standards, especially for cutting-edge enterprise, Google Meets could be considered a somewhat rudimentary online videoconferencing application. Due to limited hangout features and other chat options, Google meets appears to be lacking compared to Zoom or Slack’s likes.

Google Meets decidedly better suited to intercompany relations rather than intracompany communications.

Google is continuously working towards improving their enterprise technology to optimize all necessary processes for business owners. If you want your business to be up-to-date, progressive, and benefit from pioneering technological innovations – G Suite is for you.


If moving to G suite seems a little overwhelming, then let me help you take care of it. I can find the right service provider within your budget to meet your needs. Let me help!

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Let’s Make A Deal: Evaluating IT Price and Value

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