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How to Maintain Squeaky Clean Tech

Technology is something that we are using every day, but it is also the most disgusting. Your monitor might look clean; however, research suggests that a cell phone can be 18 times nastier than a public bathroom – yuck! Computer maintenance is essential to a smooth operating machine.

This one gets worse. Look at the computer keyboard that you tap at the same time you eat breakfast in the morning. It is perhaps the most significant bacterial danger in your home.

New research has found that your computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

-Natasha Hinde of the Huffington Post UK, 10/13/2016

It’s probably even greater if you are sharing it with kids.

It is not the only sickness that you are up against because as dust accumulates in the interior of devices, they will also slow, crash, or overheat. The gadget chokes on dirt, as exhausts and filters have been obstructed by sucking in animal hair and drifting debris. This suffocation is why computer maintenance is so critical to the life of your device.

The following describes how to clean up your essential tech items without harming them:

Avoid the Household Cleaning Products

Most everyday household cleaning supplies are too severe for technology devices and may result in lasting harm. You need something that can kill bacteria and eliminate ordinary dirt, with no scraping or leaving a fragrant deposit. The best bet is rubbing alcohol. You can find this rubbing alcohol in the first-aid department of grocery stores and drugstores, or a hardware store.

Shut Down Completely

Turn off the devices entirely, do not just leave them in sleep mode, and disconnect from all power sources. Switch off the wireless keyboards, mice, etc. and even take out the batteries. This is especially true if you are storing your devices and important computer maintenance tip to remember.

Remove Covers and Cases for Computer Maintenance

Strip down devices as far as you can, however, leave the display shields on (except in cases where there’s dirt under them). If the display shield needs replaced, have a brand new shield ready, so you can apply it immediately after cleaning.

computer maintenance for your tech

Purchase and Use a Microfiber Cloth

Damp the microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol and clean the displays and exterior surfaces carefully. Old built-up grime may require additional effort and ‘elbow grease.’

Get Deep

You should use an old toothbrush or cotton tip swab to wipe in the middle of gaps, although a few areas are going to need a little more effort to clean. You may have seen individuals use regular vacuum-cleaners on a keyboard, not a good idea. These are generally too strong and can pull keys or internal components free. They also produce harmful static electricity. Another possibility is to use the technology-specific vacuum, but then these are typically less powerful.

Insider’s Tip: Purchase and use cans of compressed air to blow dust particles out of the crevices and hard to reach locations. You can get these from many shops, and they are equipped with an extended nozzle so that you can get in the crevices and direct the air pressure. You’ll be amazed at what is going to fly out, so it is better to do this outdoors. I don’t suggest using compressed air on the computer’s inner fans, because this may make them spin too quickly and potentially damage them.

Conclusion of Squeaky Clean Tech & Computer Maintenance

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