IT Survey and Checklist
for Executives

The key to achieving success in your given industry or field is to analyze your business environment, create a plan to compete in that world, then implement strategies to best compete.
distinct strategies for executive survey & checklist success
Over the years I’ve worked in quite a few different IT groups, large and small, across different industries. From experience, I’ve learned that there are “things” an executive and/or IT manager need to know almost as soon as they walk into an IT organization.
Upon completion you are provided this completed survey and checklist. It is intended to be used as a living “work in progress” document that is the result of the executive’s and/or manager’s “need to know”. You will want to adapt and refine from time to time as conditions and “states of IT” change in your organization.
Use this checklist to gain a better understanding of your overall Information Technology Service Management.
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