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Digital cameras are fantastic, and thanks to smartphones, we have one with us almost all the time. We will take more photos than ever before. We end up collecting a lifetime of digital images and data. But despite the massive value of this personal data, like photos and videos, most people do not have a backup. The time has come to amplify the significance of this vital task and then make it a routine habit through cloud based storage before those precious memories are gone forever.

If you asked someone what possession they would save from a house fire, most would say photos, and they would make a point of grabbing a frame or album on the way out. But with digital photos, you do not need a house fire to lose it all; they could vanish in a flash with hardware failure or theft.

There is no warning, no smoke alarm, and without a plan already in place, no chance to recover the data. It’s time for you to get set up with an actual backup scheme.

Is one copy sufficient?

You may think that saving your information to an external hard drive or flash drive is enough. You are correct; it is better than nothing at all. But, because the data is stored in just one place, this is not a real backup – it is merely storage.

Any moment that drives could fail, maybe from a malfunction, age, or theft.

Frequently enough, over the years that drive can get lost, it is put somewhere for ‘safe-keeping’ and quickly forgotten! With technology changing so rapidly, gaining access to that data in 5 years might even bring up compatibility issues.

Some newer computers do not even possess drives for CD/DVD. Still, millions of homes might have pictures and other information on a disc.

Are Two copies enough?

You may have your additional storage drive as a backup and retain a copy on your computer. This approach would be a better solution, and how most people store their data, but it still is not enough.

While you might be protected from device failure, that house fire will devour both copies. Thieves would probably grab the external drive while they are bundling up your computer too, so again, you would have zero copies. It is close, but it’s not a real backup system.

The rule of three, using cloud based storage does the trick!

I believe and practice the backup ‘rule of three.’ Just reading this, you may be thinking that it is overkill, but tech is delicate, and device failure is a continual risk.

I advise maintaining one copy on the computer, another on an external drive, as well as a third copy placed safely away using cloud based storage. Cloud based backup can be fully automated, so you do not have to remember to do it.

If one day you find you need your data back, it is prepared and waiting in excellent condition. Cloud based storage also means your data is far away from any potential fire or flood; it is secure and with the right provider, guaranteed against loss.

Conclusion of Cloud Based Storage: Make Your Photos Last a Lifetime

There is a saying in the IT industry that goes something like this:

“The world has two types or people; the ones who do backups and those who have lost their data.”

The reason for data loss does not matter; it always has a profound effect, particularly when it comes to valuable data. Yes, re-creating some homework or the family budget might be inconvenient, but there is no way to recreate your family photos once they are gone. It is a loss that hurts for a long time, but it is also so very avoidable.

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