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New Device Purchase? These Are Important Tech Prep Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip

Getting a new device purchase can be loads of fun. It does not matter if it is a phone, laptop, or desktop; the excitement of bringing it home and opening the box is fantastic. I know, I love tech too. Like you did not know that already :-). The new tech even has that smell, like a new car! However, there are a few things you need to do before you can use it, and it is more than adding a fancy keyboard or mousepad.

The people working at the place you bought it from will say it is ready “out of the box.” That is not a lie, but it is not quite the way you need it to work. It will turn on, connect to your wi-fi, and allow you to type something. But, like any new appliance, merely powering it on is not enough. It still needs some configuration settings. Taking a few minutes upfront to prepare this new device can save on stress, time, and even money down the road.

In this article, I will be talking about vital tech device preparation for a new device:

Security Fixes and Updates for a New Device Purchase

Most computers that come from the factory have been in the box for at least a month, if not longer. That is an eternity when it comes to security. Since that device left the factory, new viruses, bugs, and weaknesses were identified and discovered. The good thing is that there are new updates that have been released by the software vendor during that time. They just have not been downloaded on your new device yet since it was sitting on the shelf. You need to make sure the essential software on your new machine is up-to-date and configured to stay that way. Doing this first thing will give you peace of mind; the device and the data on it are safe and ready for the joy and perils of the Internet.

Transfer Data from Old to New

Some folks would like to move data from their old device to the new one. Some want to have a fresh start and use the older machine as a backup. You can either have the data transferred in its entirety, or just the data you want. When it comes to computers, you can turn that old hard drive into an external hard drive. You can plug it into that new computer allowing you to grab and store files as needed.

Hardware Setup for a New Device Purchase

When it comes to a new device, you will need to hook it up to external tech, like a printer, scanner, webcam, etc. Most times, these devices are plug-and-play. Sometimes, they will make you go crazy, especially when a mismatch or drivers are incompatible. No worries though, there is plenty of help on the Internet and from your local computer repair shop or managed service provider to get you set up and working.

Software and Email Setup

This set up is a step many people struggle with or forget. To connect correctly, email clients need a unique configuration. I find that often folks get stuck only receiving email, and their unsent email will not go anywhere. You can get all your software and email up and running by referencing the vendor or email providers’ instructions. If you still need assistance, local computer shops, or managed service providers can assist you.

Network Setup

Typing in a wi-fi password is easy enough, but this does not mean your web browsing is as secure or fast as it should be. If you are unable, a local computer repair person or managed service provider can figure out the best connection method for your device and needs. They can make sure you maximize speed and have robust security measures in place while they are at it.

Lockdown Privacy & Permissions

Whether you are looking to provide a safe online experience for children, have files you want to keep private, or want to create profiles for each user of the new device, a computer repair or managed service provider can assist you with these configurations. You can also find easy to follow instructions on the web.

Conclusion of New Device Purchase

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