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Office 365: 7 Bonuses for Small Business

Everyone has seen all the ads for Office 365 by now. They are showing up on your desktop, your staff is giving you profound looks, and clearly, it is not going to go anywhere any time soon. You have possibly even leaped online to look at what all the noise is. But is O365 a needed upgrade for your little business? The answer is in the affirmative. It is more than a rejuvenated set of tools; it is an efficiency and productivity powerhouse. Here are seven spot-on reasons why small business owners should upgrade now.

1. Built-in Data security

The creation of Office 365 has data security at its core. Built-in compliance and the security protocols mean your cloud storage is safe, and you can control access, so your valuable data remains wherever you want it. Storage of your information in the O365 cloud keeps it safe in the event of an emergency, as well as 1TB of storage per user included at no extra cost.

2. No more drama over licensing with O365

Software version differences could be a real nightmare in a little office. Not every single system can do the same thing, and the other half the time, they will not have the ability to open the same files. It quickly becomes a mix of lost time and workarounds. O365 has site-wide licenses along with upgrades as well.

3. Real mail storage for real people

Not everybody lives in the land of inbox zero. Most people tend to leave emails in their inbox forever. Sometimes we will do a quick clean up, but only when an alert occurs that the mailbox is full. In the meantime, new emails from customers may be bouncing away with the old ‘mailbox full’ message…Eek! When you have Office 365, your staff will be able to communicate without having to worry about the storage space.

4. Better time-management with O365

Each person in your company is juggling emails, contacts, and meetings – typically across various platforms. O365 is bringing all these elements altogether, integrating flawlessly for more effective and efficient time-management. Contacts updated through mobile, while offsite, will be updated automatically across all devices that are connected. Meetings scheduled in an email will be added immediately to the calendar. You could even access files from every device, edit on the go and later back in the office, take up again where you left off.

5. Inevitable costs of upgrades gone

It would help if you forgot about planning (and delaying) those expensive upgrades. Office 365 has small business covered. You can select a plan based upon your unique requirements and change at any moment. You could even add or reduce the number of users as you right-size and streamline. It is so easy to fit Office 365 in your monthly financial plan and, at the same time, knowing you have received the very best and most current in small business software.

6. Work on the move

The days of tinkering with private security and network settings are over; thank you very much to O365. You do not even have any special IT skills or any additional software. Users can now securely access their files from home, during their commute, or in meetings for on-the-fly impressive presentations. Is there an internet connection? That’s all they’ll need to squeeze productivity out of every day.

7. Stay up and running with no downtime using O365

A whopping 25% of small businesses shut down permanently after flood, fire, crash, or cyber-attack. With Office 365, the storage of your data is in the cloud with built-in backups for redundancy. No matter what is happening, your data will be there, letting you stay up and running – and always ahead of the pack.

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