How to Protect Your Kids When They're Online

How to Protect Your Kids When They’re Online

Here in the United States, the school holiday breaks are coming. This will be a great time for kids to spend all their time with their best friend…Technology. Don’t let them without Parental Control Software. Protect Your Kids When They’re Online!

They will wake up, sometimes before daylight, to play games. Yet, you can’t seem to get them up for school for nothing. They wake early to sneak in a couple of hours of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Roblox, Minecraft, etc.

Around lunch, they may snatch up the school-issued, ‘educational’ iPad. Then start watching Tik-Tok, Youtube, Snapchatting, texting, emailing, and Facetiming friends. This is not only the younger children but teenagers and college kids too.

Forget the traditional family time. All bets are off for the holiday school breaks!

Kids Are Dumb, They Need Parental Control Software

To be frank, as adults, we don’t know what’s cool or what they learn from others in the school. They’re digital-savvy out of the womb and use tech in ways we would never dream of.

All we know is that they’re going to using their computers and ‘smart devices’ and we won’t see them even come up for air. Heck, we will be lucky to see them out of their room. That is until they take a few seconds for a pitstop in the bathroom or raid the refrigerator.

Plus, let’s get real here! Kids do dumb stuff. We did dumb stuff too when we were the kids’ age. We can have all the online safety talks, but all they hear most of the time is Charlie Brown’s teacher. Even if you don’t feel they will listen, we need to protect your kids when they’re online

Sometimes all your kids hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher.

It doesn’t matter how many times they can recite the rules for using the Internet. They are children, they are pre-disposed to ignore us, parents. They rarely stop using their tech long enough to consider:

  • Restricting themselves to only 2 hours per day
  • Folks they have been messaging with may not be other kids
  • Some search terms may not be a wonderful idea

Protect Kids with Parental Control Software

Parental Control Software (PCS) is an internet filter for children. It blocks all the icky and inappropriate things online. PCS stops your kids from gaining access to them, witnessing them, or even realizing they exist.

Adults will be able to reverse and turn off the software. So, their own experience is not changed and unmonitored.

“Circle with Disney” or “Net Nanny” are a couple of the popular and trustworthy choices available. For a list of additional Parental Control Software, see this PCMag review.

PCMag Review of Parental Control Software

As a bonus, Parental Control Software places time limits on Internet usage. PCS can even log all online activity. You might not feel the need for a review of the logs every day. But they can be vital in identifying sexting, inappropriate relationships, or cyberbullying. Parents all over the world believe those logs have saved the wellbeing, and lives, of their kids.

Conclusion of Protect Your Kids When They’re Online

Now is the best time to install Parental Control Software. You need to do it before your children become comfortable with unrestricted access. You should especially do it before they see things they shouldn’t.

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Safeguarding Your Children While They Are Online

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