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Ransomware Attack: Could Your Backups Survive One?

Could Your Backups & Data Center Survive A Ransomware Attack?

Almost every day, we hear about an organization falling victim to a ransomware attack. Social networks, hospitals, schools-some days, it looks like a plague spreading indiscriminately. And hackers are rolling in Bitcoin and raking in millions.

Tallied around the globe…it is in the billions of dollars.

Ransomware attacks are always very devious and genius in their simplicity. A user inside the targeted business gets hoodwinked into clicking on a link or a file. Most of the time, this is through a phishing email or file download from the web. The link directs them to a location that downloads the ransomware.

Once that happens, it will start propagating. The file contains malware which always encrypts your valuable data. It demands cash or Bitcoin in exchange for the password and access to your information again.

ransomware payment
No money, then you get no password and ultimately no data back.

If the targeted business was diligent with their backups, they might be able to fall back on them. If so, they may not end up paying any ransom. Yet, federal agencies, like the FBI, report over $209 million sent to hackers in the 1st quarter of 2016. Understand this $209 million was the first three months of the year. This amount was only those payments from the United States. Also, this only counts organizations that came forward and reported the ransomware attack.

In the year 2015, it was only $25 million. So, you can see a very impressive difference in the amount of attacks as well as reporting.

ransomware holds data hostage
Don’t count on your backups, the ransomware may have already infected them too.

Are Your Backups Going to Help During or After a Ransomware Attack?

Sometimes the backup systems and your COOP fail, and the information is unretrievable. This failure is often real in cases where the design and processes have been in use for years. But only one thing may have failed.

In some instances, the targeted business tries to restore from backups. Yet, it doesn’t provide everything they need for a full recovery.

Finally, the most typical reasons many businesses get forced to pay the ransom:

  • The ransomware attack affects the whole system
  • Ransomware infects connected and corresponding backups.

If the backup gets harmed by the ransomware attack, it becomes useless as a recovery option. Only two remaining choices remain. Pay or lose information forever.

Every hour, and often days, attempting recovery of business data, drain valuable resources. In several cases, substantial revenue loss.

The only defense is to detect and block the malware before it will infect its first system. Then continue protection with comprehensive backup and recovery strategy, which should address all workstations and servers.

ransomware statistics
The state of ransomware among small business report.

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