how to remain safe while being social

Remaining Safe While Using Social Media

Folks share their own private details online. They construct a solid collection of data that scammers consider a treasure trove. Remaining safe while using social media can seem impossible.

Staying safe online is not the intention everybody has after they sign in. The whole purpose of Facebook is to share your life with your friends. It hooks us into a worldwide community. Thus, the experience will depend upon us making privacy sacrifices.

So how does one balance out what it means to be social with staying safe online?

Thirteen Private Details on Average

The typical person discloses thirteen details of private information on Facebook alone. Starting with the innocent name/email duo, all the way to their mother’s maiden name and home address.

That doesn’t sound like much, but these thirteen details could crumble a life in a few minutes.

Checking in at your home or a favorite place has become the standard. This helps to create a multi-dimensional online identity. Details are available to everyone who cares to see them. Whether they are a buddy or family member staying in the loop or somebody with a far nastier plan.

Trouble is, you do not know who’s viewing your information or the reason why.

The Importance of Email Account Protection to Remaining Safe While Using Social Media

As an example, someone might try to access your email account by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ URL. Email services will follow the security policy and rules. The email service will ask for the answers to your security questions such as ‘Which high school did you go to? What is your pet’s name?’. A Facebook profile often provides the answers to the most frequent identifying questions.

Hackers will use your compromised email to break into more services. They now have full access to your email. So, there is nothing preventing them from draining your accounts or something worse. They will then go to websites and accounts, clicking ‘Reset Password’.

So, let’s start with Facebook.

7 Easy and Fast Ways to Secure Your Facebook Account

7 Ways to Safeguard Your Facebook Without Sacrificing Enjoyment

  • Start by reviewing your profile as other people see it
  • Check every detail to determine what should or should not be visible to strangers
  • Consider sharing partial details, like a birth month and the day, but not the year
  • ‘Friend’ only people that you know and trust
  • Be suspicious of repetitive or ‘odd’ friend behavior. Hackers will clone or hack your friend’s profiles. They will then start critical and unusual appeals for money
  • Update your privacy preferences and check them often, at least once a month
  • Restrict default future sharing to ‘friends only’

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how to remain safe while being social
It may not seem like much, but your name and email can lead to bad things happening.

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