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From: Joe Brochin
Publisher of The ITSM Rhino Blog and Newsletter

What’s this all about? Improving your IT services and operations, or reach your service and business goals.

Our tagline pretty much says it: “ITSM, IT Policy, IT Consulting, and other IT service management related information.”

I’ve been writing and publishing these tips and tricks in one form or another for over 10 years. It’s delivered via email, sometimes our blog, and is not always the kind of short modern day ‘140 character’ message you may have come to expect in the modern age.

I sometimes range from 100 words to a complete “How-to” Manual with as much as 20 pages.There is no set schedule, sometimes I post an informative article to the blog 3 times a week, sometimes I publish a long informative email just for subscribers with free templates, examples and consultation. I send the newsletter when I have something to say that I think will be useful to you and your business. Or when I find or create a product I believe will make you money or make your business life easier.

No, I won’t be sending you multiple messages every day. (You’re brokenhearted, right?) Once you’ve finished the informative welcome series, it would be very unusual to get more than 3 messages from me in a week.And, of course, you can unsubscribe any time you feel.

So, what’s with these free eBooks? The eBooks are something I put together every month. They run from about 8-15 pages, sometimes more, sometimes less.  They are lessons learned and informative pieces for business and IT managers .

I’m looking to assist you in taking charge of everyday challenges. These blog posts and eBooks can set you on the trail to success. Like a lot of what I write, much of it applies to non-IT service stuff as well.

The topics include:

Things you, well, need to know. Or that will at least make your life as an IT service provider easier.

The “Blog”contains some of my favorite articles and topics from the last few years that I have been writing and consulting. Not only is there some great stuff in the blog, there’s lot’s of freebies and tricks that are occasionally included that I typically charge clients for…and free of charge to our subscribers.

Everything from how our more seasoned and saltier ages can survive in the cyber age, to selecting a business-class firewall. I’m hoping you’ll have as much fun sharing those articles and posts with your clients as I do with sharing them.

Oh yeah… there are a few bits in here that’ll help you make money, too.

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Thanks for reading this far. And enjoy the posts and eBooks!

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