Ring in a New Year with New IT

If you are like most people, 2021 cannot come quick enough. We are all crossing our fingers that the coming year will be better than 2020. Want to know one way to get a great start to the new year? You should take some time now to take a look at your business technology. There could be several areas that require improvement to make 2021 a success.

Start by looking at your website. Your company site is your calling card for the rest of the globe in the current digital age. The clients and prospects will go there to find out more and purchase your services or products. Even so, many business websites are aged a few years and out of date. That is not acceptable these days. Buyers will make decisions about your brand based on what your website looks like. It doesn’t matter if you are B2B or B2C. If a website looks like it is a decade old, they will likely doubt you are on top of your game.

When assessing your website, priorities need to be:

  • Simplicity of site navigation – folks have a low tolerance searching for information online;
  • Mobile responsiveness – dependent on industry, greater than 60% of website visits are from mobile devices;
  • Call to action – you are making it clear what you desire people to do on your site;
  • Visual appeal – if it does not look good, your credibility will be hurt;
  • Search engine optimization – are you doing everything you can to get people to your site?
  • Security – consumers care more and more about data privacy and security.

Updates in the Office Environment

Yes, there are still people who will grab a phone and call a business. A reliable business workhorse is still the traditional phone system. However, if you are settling on a plain old phone system, you could be missing out on a lot. A wide range of useful features is available in modern digital phone systems. Any size business can get enterprise-level features with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems. These would consist of:

  • An interactive voice response (IVR) systems (e.g. “Press 1 to speak to sales, 2 to speak to tech support.”;
  • Call queuing that will help deliver incoming phone calls to the correct party;
  • Call recording which helps you maintain compliance, and offers training and sales script intel;
  • Local telephone numbers, free in-network calling, and reliable worldwide-rate plans.

Additionally at the office, there could still be employees signing into desktop workstations running The Windows 7 operating system. This operating system attained “end of life” on January 14, 2020. This means that Microsoft will no longer be updating the software. Hackers understand that too, so sticking by the old system will make you susceptible to cyberattack.

COVID-19 triggered companies that might have been delaying cloud migration to shift their timetable to the left, but then some use virtual private networks or some other remote access to allow work from home. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be back to the office full-time, in full-force at the outset of 2021, therefore this is also the right time to revisit the concept of cloud computing.

Getting Your Business Secure in 2021

Begin the new year right with a New Years’s resolution to make your company IT more secure. This might mean adopting two-factor authentication as an upgrade to password-only authentication.

Urge workers to change their passwords. Most folks have dozens of online accounts but just two or three unique passwords. Hence, it’s a good idea to require your staff to update their passwords on a regular basis. That way, if a a site like LinkedIn has suffered from a data breach, you aren’t at risk as a result of an employee’s duplicated password.

End-of-year downtime offers the opportunity to review any long-standing IT troubles. Assess how much time or efficiency was lost in 2020 while troubleshooting IT. It is also a great idea to proactively plan a backup strategy and set up for disaster-recovery. That way, if a worst case scenario does happen in 2021, you are prepared.

Keep your company secure and up to date with the assistance of an IT consultant. I’ll make sure you’ve got the best technology for your needs. We will find the right MSP to manage and monitor your IT tools, too. You stick to what you do best, and I will focus on your IT. Contact me today!

Are you prepared to kick the New Year off on the right foot with your IT?

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Let’s Make A Deal: Evaluating IT Price and Value

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