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Security Tips – 6 Expedient Ways To Ensure A Business Stays Safe

Your most important of security tips we are sharing, I will share right off the bat. …this actually makes the 7th tip, so you get a bonus! 🙂

59% of data breaches are often traced back to one thing a worker did (or didn’t do), that invited a cyber-attack.

To lock hackers out, build security awareness and respect into your company culture, so maintaining digital security becomes as routine as making the coffee in the break room.

Your 6 Security Tips

  1. Use complicated passwords: Each worker, as well as management, must use an alphanumerical password that they haven’t used before. Password managers will assist with ensuring they’re not forgotten.
  2. Verify unknown identities: Not acquainted with ‘Jenny from Accounting’ who has called to elicit sensitive info? Check caller identity and access permissions before sharing any information. Hackers like to play on our need to be a team player.
  3. Encrypt by default: Individuals frequently transfer information to a mobile device, like a tablet, laptop computer, or smartphone so that they will be able to work more efficiently. Sadly, these devices could be stolen easily. Set operating systems to encrypt information by default so that the device will become useless when in the wrong hands.
  4. Defend portable devices: Laptops and mobile phones must always have a password. The devices need set to auto-lock once a small period of time has passed. Do not leave them unattended in cars, buses, restrooms, etc, and always take them as carry-on baggage if possible.
  5. Set personal usage rules: You might have blocked productivity-blackholes like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, but what are the policies concerning games, video streaming or shopping? Will they be able to install their own software? Once business computers get used for non-work related stuff, security vigilance tends to slip. This typically leads to unintentional malware installation.
  6. Educate often: Digital security threats will morph frequently. Folks become comfy with their current level of danger, thinking ‘it can not happen to me. A 5-minute discussion with workers once a month could also be the barrier that keeps hackers out.

Starter Topics:

Ensure that you enforce security measures in the workplace that will protect both your assets and employees. Start with the below security tips:

  • Links in emails – Hackers typically send emails that appear as if they’re from your bank or similar. These fake emails are called ‘phishing’ emails. Make certain to examine the links by hovering over them with the mouse. If the link displays differently than what it should be, then its junk for sure.
  • Tech scam popups – Start being on the lookout for popups advising that your computer is infected and you should to contact a telephone number or click to download a program to ‘help fix it’.
  • Email attachments – Do not open an unknown attachment, and even from folks you recognize and trust. Continuously scan for malware before opening the email or clicking on links in the email.

If you would like assistance implementing improved security practices for your business, contact us or leave a comment here on this post.

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security tips

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