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Should You TRULY Click on That Upgrade?

The question you should always ask; “Will this update or upgrade benefit the business?”

That pop-up just doesn’t want to leave. It has been pestering you to upgrade the software, and obviously, it has zero intention of leaving you with a moment’s rest. This software wants to be upgraded and wants it right now.

With a reluctant sigh, you will click and let it upgrade in the background. Perhaps now it will allow you to do some work. Except instead of seizing a competitive edge through having the newest and best version, you rapidly find out it gave you just the opposite. Your critical hardware is no longer functioning, you’ve received errors everywhere, and that application is no longer works at all.

The urgent upgrade has been more of an instant downgrade.

Before clicking that annoying upgrade button, take into account the following:

Is that the upgrade going to work with your existing systems?

If the project management software is no longer talking to your planning software, you’ve got a problem. It’s reasonable to expect the upgrade to have undergone vigorous testing and fixes, but even the mega-corporations miss something when rushing products and updates to the market.

Is the current solution even an option?

Developers end support of older software versions after a specific date. In these instances, continuing to use the old version will leave your system susceptible, without patching and the security updates. If the software is at the end of its lifecycle, you’ll have to upgrade no matter what. This upgrade, though, will give you a perfect chance to review your selection and make a few seasoned decisions – upgrading or replacing.

Upgrades need to bring value to the business
No value, No Upgrade

Will this upgrade be good for your business?

A few upgrades are purely aesthetic. They look fabulous, and developers sell them like they’re the latest and best, but with no additional innovation that provides value to the business in the new offering, you should wait.

By contrast, if upgrading will have a positive impact on productivity, efficiency, or client satisfaction, yes, put it on a to-do list. Hold out for a few moments, though, while your IT specialists research the conflicts that might arise.

Being the early adopter isn’t always the best idea. Sometimes you must let the other software packages catch up, and the compatibility issues are still going to be relevant. It is more important than ever to take the time and to research an upgrade to find out how other people have done – before things collapse.

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