Smart Phone or Spy Phone?

  • Camera – can be remotely activated without the user’s knowledge, Geo­ tagging, etc.
  • WiFi – can be remotely activated without the user’s knowledge and broadcast data.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) – Snatch data from other phones nearby
  • Motion Sensor/ Accelerometer – Can detect minute vibrations. With algorithms may decipher keystrokes if left next to a keyboard.
  • Bluetooth – Easily intercepted. May transmit voice and data without the user’s knowledge over distance.
  • Microphone Recording – Can be activated remotely without the user’s knowledge.
  • GPS – Can be remotely activated. Track the user’s movements and location and transmits to others.
  • Cellular Signal Triangulation – track the user’s movements and location and transmit to others.
  • APPS – Track user’s movements, record calls, activities, posts, etc. Yeah, there’s an APP for that!

I wanted to experiment a little with info-graphics, so here is the first take at working on them using a smartphone as the topic.

We have also listed out the smartphone security issues below. You should be aware of these and weigh benefits to possible cons of losing data or personal information and protect yourself accordingly. We also have some time-saving smartphone tips in our post 8 Time-saving Smartphone Tips.


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