A Strong Firewall

A Strong Firewall: 4 Reasons Your Company Needs One

Most companies are not working with national security. Most companies are not in the Fortune 500. Yet, your company remains an attractive target to hackers. You will need a strong firewall, a sentry in the doorway of the network. A sentry to prevent villains from getting in but letting employees work uninterrupted.

Astonishing numbers of businesses are running with no firewall at all. Or, one unfit to the demands of a company network. For the majority, that’s a gamble they don’t even know they’re making. They assume that all network systems have protections built-in. Sadly, the moment of the detected absence of this protection, it’s too late already.

A strong firewall is a special device or software. Its function is to be a shield for the networked computers and against cyber risks. Having one can also allow data to pass across your network at lightning-fast rates. All this transparent to users.

Filtering with a Strong Firewall

A strong firewall aggressively searches for known phishing emails, viruses, spam. It then stops them before getting through the door. A firewall’s data about threats are frequently updated and search models correct. Business-class firewalls also track data in both ways. If a computer connects to the network, any data coming and going receive checks to see if it is dangerous or not. If it fails the test, the firewall immediately blocks it and logs the details for reference.

Configure Priorities and Performance Levels for Network Traffic

You can also use your strong firewall to configure network traffic priorities. For instance, it can ensure a Skype or WebEx call gets resources needed for error-free video and sound. Whilst someone viewing YouTube videos at the same time will have a decrease in resources. Rules can be set allowing special treatment of specific applications with greater importance. It could even do it for specific divisions or users. You can customize the network performance to satisfy your unique company requirements.

Management with a Strong Firewall

Business-class firewalls enable you to see who does what, and when they are doing it on your network. You can also build rules for certain times, users, and devices. As an example, you might block employee access to social media during business hours. Then allow access during lunchtime only. All the while providing unblocked access for management and marketing staff. Comprehensive logs, maintained automatically, can help resolve issues. For instance, firewall logs indicate a computer connects to a third world nation at 2 AM every night. This is undoubtedly worth looking into!

Remote Connection

A strong firewall enables remote employees to access network resources with ease. At the same time, the firewall will be preventing cyber-attacks. Teleworking arrangements have been increasing in popularity and demand. This frequently requires access to a server immediately. You can configure a firewall to verify the identity of users. It does this prior to enabling access and creating a virtual private network (VPN). Once complete, it prevents the interception of data between connections.

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strong firewall
A strong firewall protects you from the world outside your company.

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