Installation Project Management (Single and Multi-Site Projects)

Joe works with over 60+ carriers. It is essential to set the appropriate customer expectations for installation timelines. Various carriers provide exceptional project management, and a few carriers require close management. He provides post-sale installation project updates from the direct carriers. Joe also supplements the carrier updates with his circuit inventory reports as you require it. This report ensures you possess all of the information that is necessary for your multiple location orders. It won’t matter if you place all of your circuit orders with Joe through one carrier or multiple carriers.

“White Glove” Support for correction of billing errors and invoice reviews

When was the last time:

• A carrier sales or account representative called to tell you they were proactively reviewing your bills?

• They noticed that the circuit you just ordered was not billing correctly?

• They proactively opened a ticket, and credit is on the way?
Joe provides the first invoice review on each service line item ordered through him. He will proactively escalate a billing issue with the provider until it is corrected.



Why would Joe do that?

This direct carrier relationship is rare at best. By providing this service, Joe believes in partnering closely with his client for the long haul. When carriers offer “first invoice reviews,” they are doing so through their billing department. Those billing representatives have been trained on the billing system, but they are not always trained on products. It typically takes wide-ranging product expertise and invoice evaluation experience to conduct a first invoice review on complex orders.

Joe takes this job off your hands as a THANK YOU for doing business with him. Joe feels that if a bill is too high, then he loses creditability with you if you discover it first. Joe does earn a tiny monthly residual from the carrier that YOU CHOOSE.

If you happen to be underbilled for the carrier services ordered, then ultimately, the mistake will be corrected by the carrier. The legislation differs from state to state, although in most states, the carrier will be entitled to back bill for the error up to 1 or 2 years. This back billing depends on how far back the bills go.

It can be very damaging to an IT budget to get hit for a big invoice chargeback that goes back to a previous fiscal year for which the books have been closed already

Making sure that your invoice matches the contract for services that we help you procure is simply THE RIGHT THING TO DO!


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