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Top Tech Conferences for IT Professionals in 2021

Invest in you and your team’s development by attending tech conferences. In this article, we list and provide summaries of the top tech conventions.

It’s no surprise that the tech business is booming. No industry may have ever seen such swift and dynamic growth before. Every day is different in the tech sector. There’s a rapid-fire emergence of multiple new, exciting, and cutting-edge innovations for tech professionals with which to experiment. 

It should be no surprise then that the attendance of a tech convention is sacred among IT professionals. A tech convention offers STEM enthusiasts a base to convene in. It’s where they can share ground-breaking ideas, exchange ideas, stay abreast of updates, and forge valuable industry connections. Plus, there’s the added attraction of product launches. 

So, with 12.1 million tech industry workers in the US alone – there’s a high demand for tech conventions across the country. It’s currently unknown how many tech conferences take place in the US every year, but it’s safe to say that it’s enough to meet demand expectations.

So, with a seemingly limitless amount of tech conferences to choose from and limited time to attend – an IT professional would do well to choose their conferences wisely.

To guide the way, here are some industry top conferences that have blazed new trails year after year:

AWS Summit 

The AWS summit collects all recent information on cloud computing innovations, updates, product reviews, market trends and packs it into two busy days. And the kicker is that entry is entirely free. With their AWS summit, Amazon intends to spur on thought, innovation, and education, so it’s no surprise that it regularly sees 60,000 attendees through its Las Vegas-based conference doors. However, under its incredible accessibility/popularity, there’s an underlying sense of progression and professionalism at all times.

Throughout the conference, leaders, experts, partners, and customers of the cloud community provide expos, speeches, and trend overviews next to none. That’s why the AWS summit is famed for being a prime landscape to build industry connections and collaborations to enhance and further career prospects. This is an unmissable tech conference for any IT professional looking to catch wind of where the cloud community’s success lies.

Black Hat USA

Commonly referred to solely as “Black Hat,” this leading annual cybersecurity conference is the perfect place for industry-leading security professionals, executives, and anyone interested in information security. 

Over the conference’s week duration, there are numerous briefings on the latest security research and keynote speeches from high-ranking and influential industry officials. Keeping a keen eye on the future, Black Hat officials always aim to keep attendees abreast of emerging industry trends. So, it’s essentially a “must-go” for any security concerned IT professional looking to stay on the cutting-edge.


Located in Dubai, this world-class technology conference draws in 150,000 attendees from across the globe. Over the space of a week, GITEX provides exciting product/research announcements, hundreds of keynote talks, and a seemingly endless stream of cutting-edge industry information. So, it’s no surprise that GITEX is considered an electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference all in one.

The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT retailers and suppliers, such as Gateway Group and Dell. 50 cent, the famous rapper, has even made an appearance at the expo. It’s merely the place to be for collaborative, partnership, and trade opportunities.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Recognized for being the “global stage for innovation,” the CES is a hotbed for new trends, which makes it a must-attend for any tech professional looking to keep their finger on the pulse. Attending CES can give work and projects the cutting-edge effect they need. After gathering invaluable information on tech market strategy, software updates, and industry trends concerning both software and hardware alike – IT professionals can gain a glimpse into the future of their profession.

The world’s leading thinkers and industry pioneers take their place at the CES, where they share their ideas/research with eager IT enthusiast minds. From 3D printing to sensors/biometrics, all the way to space technology – every base is covered at CES. That’s why its educational and varied atmosphere is perfect for the IT professional looking to broaden their career horizons and their knowledge of the industry.

Deep Learning Summit 

AI is taking the tech world by storm. The expectation is that it will incorporate into many future innovations; tech professionals are always itching to learn more about its ins and outs. Spanning across three continents and six cities, the Deep Learning Summit has quickly risen to the front of the AI conference ranks.

With 100 speakers annually sharing their expertise and in-depth industry knowledge with attendees, it would be a massive oversight to skip it, especially for any IT professional looking to forward their career our delve into tech’s creative side. Staying abreast of AI updates and trends is swift becoming a core part of most tech jobs, so keeping your nose to the ground at the Deep Learning Summit could be a chance for IT professionals to bring their careers to new heights.

Mobile World Conference (MWC) Barcelona

Mobile technology is advancing at break-neck speed every year, and the MWC, as the world’s largest mobile event, makes a valiant attempt to keep track of it. It’s hard to undertake, but the many innovators, creators, and leaders involved in its organization and execution get it done. 

Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard are just some of the leading brands that regularly attend the convention. They share their newest products, research, all-the-while undertaking market research and scouting out new tech-savvy workers. The opportunities to network at MWC are many, and the chance to bask in communication innovations through presentations, expos, speeches, and talks alike is indispensable.


Attending Computex is said to be like taking a peek into the future of Information Technology. Held annually in Taipei, the computer expo’s last conference consisted of sessions on futuristic and emerging technology such as 5G, facial recognition systems, and space technology.

With several world-class leading companies attending every year, COMPUTEX became known as the place to showcase new technology and presentations on industry trends.


Attending tech conferences or summits is exciting. It’s the perfect way to learn in a fun, dynamic, and bustling environment while surrounded by like-minded tech-inclined people. To refresh their passion for tech and ensure their work is the best quality possible – every IT professional should consider attending at least one large-scale conference every year.

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