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Upgrade to Office 365: 11 Reasons Why Now

With an upgrade to Office 365, it appears sanity has finally triumphed. It provides businesses the changes they want. It is still MS Office. Your employees are always going to know precisely how to work it. But, they’ll get much more work done.

1. The Spectacle of Mac/Windows is Over

Office 365 carries a stack of benefits; also, the most easing is the in-built file compatibility between all platforms. There is no longer converting (or corrupting) files back and forth, efficiency black holes get removed.

2. An Upgrade to Office 365 is Ready to Go, Always

Microsoft is so sure in its cloud-based software as well as the data storage; it provided a 99.9% availability guarantee. You could even make a call to a real-life person for assistance. Working online, offline, or mobile – the decision belongs to you.

3. Security has Been Built-in

A significant portion of Microsoft’s uptime certainty derives from its highly robust security protocols. Office 365 offers enterprise-grade management controls on your end, plus government-grade security measures on their end.

4. Bountiful Data Allowances

Each user receives 1TB of cloud space available for storing files that can share at a file or folder level.

5. Work from Anywhere, At Any Time, When You Upgrade to Office 365

In the past, personnel needed to set up a VPN or to manage security issues, which made working off-site severe and troublesome. Office 365 has resolved this problem, and working from anywhere is now simple.

6. Integrated Organizing

Calendars, emails and contacts are all synchronized and updated on multiple devices: Laptop, desktop & mobile.

7. Yours for No Upfront Fees

At one time, updating your Office version meant paying a fortune and a half-day outage. Office 365 has changed that, with no initial costs or an installation delay.

8. Through the Roof Mailbox Storage

Forget about the days of ‘user mailbox is full’ – every user is provided a giant 50GB in a stunning, easy-to-use mailbox.

9. Malware and Spam Security Built-in With the Upgrade to Office 365

Data security does not stop at the file store: e-mail is checked for malware and spam, to protect your company from all kinds of attacks before they occur.

10. Virtual Meeting and Collaborative tools

You can terminate your 3rd party services, as well as bring all the collaborations into a single platform.

11. Team Planning Built-in with Upgrade to Office 365

Schedule the tasks, conferences, and track assignments from the top-down level to learn about precisely how projects are making progress.

Office 365 upgrade for teams

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