I believe every ITSM professional is a VIP.

You are responsible for creating and maintaining a productive IT department that can support your entire organization, handling regulation and compliance issues, improving cost efficiency, and directly increasing profit for your company – just to name a few.

If that is not Very Important, I do not know what is.

Unfortunately, it does not always feel that way.

While a VIP is taken care of, given the support of expert staff and has all the tools and equipment they need at their fingertips...

As an ITSM Pro, too often, you end up dealing with massive projects without support, struggling to get stakeholder buy-in, and stuck building tools from the ground up.

This extra work not only limits your ability to drive change and growth throughout your organization but also limits your personal growth and career development.

When you have such essential responsibilities in your company, you deserve a VIP experience.
Now with our VIP Fast Pass, you can get it (without a VIP price tag)!

Introducing: The VIP Fast Pass Membership

The complete solution for any ITSM professional. With expert consulting included from day one, powerful curated tools and research from the most successful companies across the globe, and the best of our ITSM templates, all in one place - our VIP Fast Pass is heralded as the ITSM Pro's secret weapon.

 One on one consulting

Whether you have been in business for years or are a new start-up, we can all benefit from a little expert support. A simple conversation can save you days of reading up on a unique solution and weeks of going in the wrong direction. As one of our VIP members, you get an hour of 1:1 time with the ITSM Rhino himself every month ( worth $170) to overcome any challenges and give you powerful new ideas and insights to improve your processes.

Bespoke advice tailored for your business

Even great advice can be wrong for your business case. Therefore, traditional education, online courses, blog posts, and experts' advice can be dangerous without hands-on guidance. With your one-on-one consulting, you get strategic advice tailored directly to your needs, ensuring all your changes land with impact.

Led by an ITSM expert

When you work with Joe, there is no problem too small and no challenge too big for you to overcome. With over 28 years' experience in the industry and multiple areas of expertise, you can be confident Joe will be able to help, whether you want to bounce some ideas around, help to apply new templates, or need more hands-on support.

Access the latest industry research

The field of ITSM moves quickly. This fast movement means keeping up to date with new information can seem like an impossible challenge. Our VIP's have access to our database of ITSM research collated from some of the most successful companies around the world in one place (at their fingertips). This VIP status is the easiest way to stay on top of all the latest insights and trends in ITSM.

Comprehensive policy and service management templates

As you know, we are famous for exceptional templates . Our VIPs gain full access to our most popular templates, which cover all your policy and service management requirements. The VIP membership will save you massive amounts of time, allowing you to focus on streamlining your own team's unique challenges rather than re-inventing the wheel.

World-class industry eBooks

Ever found yourself wondering about the protocols used by other ITSM leaders. Our members get a full collection of all the leading industry eBooks right at your fingertips. This hand-picked selection will give you easy access to a wealth of information, opening even more opportunities for disproportionate improvements.

Exclusive members-only content

Plus, get access to a wealth of members-only articles and content, specially designed to help you become a leader and respected expert in ITSM. These articles are collecting my hard-earned lessons throughout the last decade of working and consulting in ITSM. You will learn skills such as maximizing the benefits of service providers with cloud technology and the tools I have used to turn companies around.

Priority VIP support

As a VIP member, you are just that. This VIP status means you get priority support and receive the fastest responses to all your product and service queries. And of course, you always get the first chance to access any of our new services – so you are never left waiting for a response.

As well as discounts on all other products and services

Even our most successful VIPs need a little extra help sometimes. As a VIP, we will also give you special rates on all our services. These special rates mean you get an additional 20% off all additional coaching and support (whether you need help with your IT Service strategy, IT Service Design, IT Service Transition, IT Service Operations, or Continued Service Improvement), Plus 50% off all of our other product lines.

And much more…

The VIP Fast Pass is our ultimate package.  

It offers an unfair advantage to anyone looking to supercharge their ITSM implementations.

So, become a VIP today, and you will be charging like an ITSM Rhino in no time.


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*Update: Fast Pass Memberships are SOLD OUT.

VIP Fast Pass Memberships are still available while openings last. LLC delivers unbiased recommendations, pre-sales support, and post-sales “white glove” support for a detailed portfolio of telecommunication solutions for a wide range of business requirements. Please feel free to let us know what you need assistance with and we will review your requirements free of charge!
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