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Why Does Your Company Need Upgrading to Managed Anti-Virus?

Anti-virus programs can’t pick up viruses when they are not running. Yes, it’s obvious, but the lack of clarity is how often the workforce disables anti-virus programs. To get leisure time, on your time, they can download free apps, games, or bypass website blocks. This ‘theft’ happens in companies around the globe, and more often than you think. Humans, by nature, will see an obstacle and work around it. Besides, it’s the other guys that get infected with viruses, not you. A business requires managed antivirus.

The greatest danger to data, and the network’s security, is your workforce. Wonderful, trusty, industrious folks that make the random foolish choices. They will usually make ‘unintended’ mistakes like overlooking the virus software updates.

Do you know what I’m saying? I’m talking about the ones that continue to pop up and request for them to download the most recent protection. Your workforce isn’t placing the environment in jeopardy on purpose. But they are establishing a soft target. A soft target that endangers your company and can cost thousands or destroy your company. This danger is the main distinction with free anti-virus versus managed antivirus.

Free Anti-virus Vs. Managed Antivirus

Free antivirus exists for home use and where breaches aren’t so significant. Licensing of free anti-virus is almost always for use at home. The reason is in a company setting, the smallest hole in your network security can result in lost income. It can also result in delays, lost productivity, and even litigation. Your workforce is unable to do these things with a managed anti-virus solution. They can’t disable the protection or uninstall it, and updates happen ‘auto-magically’.

Managed anti-virus providers see when computers are vulnerable. Managed anti-virus means precisely that – they manage it for you. They know when there’s an issue and can take the necessary actions. Managed anti-virus providers are transparent to your workforce. They can fix little issues before becoming significant issues. This fix leaves your workforce feeling trusted while your business remains secure.

Take Control

Managed anti-virus provides a company with security at a much higher level. This security is due to, let’s face it, the stakes being much higher. This approach removes software control away from the users. It then puts your system protection into the hands of a professional. The anti-virus programs won’t get turned off short of a password. Removal can only execute when someone having the highest permissions does it. If updates get released, they will get downloaded, and ‘auto-magically’ applied. There is no delay, no deferring until a later date, no holes in your security.

When Should You Switch?

You need to switch when your company is a size where it’s impossible to track every computer. At least it is without full-time IT support with users often scattered around your network. You’re too busy to stand over their shoulder when working. For a modest charge per computer every month, the anxiety and drama go away. Protecting your company’s network from attacks will no longer be a worry. Another business centrally manages it. You can continue doing what you’re doing best – run a lucrative business.

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