managed service providers save you money

Why Managed Service Providers Save Your Business Cash

It seems like the existence of managed service providers is a big secret to small and medium businesses. The statement “downtime costs business money” is NOT a big secret. However, it doesn’t come close to describing the entire ordeal of experiencing downtime.

So you arrive at your place of work in the morning. You stop by the break room, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a bagel as well, and start to your office thinking about the busy day you have ahead. You're motivated to dive right in and start getting it done. 

You sit down at your desk and log in. You then realize you are unable to access the database you need. Neither can anyone else around you. Administrators restart the server, your service desk is fielding calls right, left and everywhere. 

Sadly, you and your IT team can't answer any of the customer questions. Your hands are tied…and currently, customers are getting angry, managers and executives are blowing up inboxes and voicemails, the servers are beeping and throwing errors like crazy. 

What the heck is going on??!! 

You are not simply in fire fighting mode, but in full-blown crisis mode. Everyone is doing more damage control than problem-solving. Every tech and engineer in your IT organization is being called, to include the one's off shift, on vacation, or homesick. 

This is not exactly the productive day you had planned when you got out of bed that morning.
don't have a crap attack

The Break/Fix Days Are Long Gone…Get Over It!

In the not so distant past, a business would only address IT problems when something would break and need fixing—it used to be that a few hours of IT downtime meant very little in the scope of essential happenings in the business.

Today’s fast-paced business environment now relies heavily on IT. Any downtime for the organization is an unacceptable option. Just the act of legal, medical, or financial file restoration after a breach in security raises legal problems.

The financial and emotional cost of a break/fix approach is now too high for the business, and the risk is just too much. Simply put, with a Managed Services Provider (MSP), your IT services are monitored remotely and managed proactively by a professional, external business.

An MSP will monitor and run diagnostics on your IT infrastructure. They can discover imminent failures and resolve issues before they even have an impact on your business.

Managed Service Provider for the win!
Managed Service Provider for the win!

Managed Service Benefits

Small to medium-sized businesses will gain the most benefits and get an advantage over the competition with MSPs. Your business won’t need to have on-site technicians or engineers to administer the multiple IT systems used.

Your partnership with an MSP means your businesses will have access to a knowledge base, future pacing, better cybersecurity, reduced labor costs, and reduced downtime. Companies can even make plans because they will be able to see their future expenses.

The following are just some of the usual managed service providers offerings of a typical MSP:

  • Remote Support – This enables the MSP to assist you quickly without having to be on-site.
  • Hardware monitoring – MSPs monitor workstations, servers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc. to catch failures before they occur.
  • Managed Anti-virus – MSPs ensure your anti-virus protection is current and will take prompt action if an infection happens.
  • Patch Management – MSPs ensure your computer’s operating system and applications are up to date, closing the known vulnerabilities ASAP.
Downtime ahead
Profit Loss Straight Ahead!

How much downtime can your business afford?

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