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Windows Vista Was End-of-Life in 2017: Why Are You Still Using It

The countdown ended long ago for Windows Vista and its users. On 11 April 2017, Microsoft stopped all support and security patching.


I get it, many are attached to an OS, primarily after they use it for a long time. Nobody is ever excited when a new of Windows comes out. However, if someone is still running Windows Vista, the digital gremlins are most likely already in the works. Even Windows 7 is past end of life and no longer supported by Microsoft.

Tell Them No

Yes, there are still people out there running Vista. I deal with someone regularly who has it on their computer still. They refuse to change because it works for them. Yes, I had to clean boogers off the computer for the up-tenth time.

Today I let them know I would no longer be able to assist them unless they upgraded to Windows 10 or another current OS. Seeing I don’t repair computers professionally anymore, this was not a big deal, and even if I did, I would have told them the same thing. Sometimes one just must cut the ties and stop wasting time. Let folks learn the hard way, I guess.

What I want for the overall lesson here is that the more time your computer is on the internet without an upgrade, the greater the chance of a full system breach. At the same time, you’re putting off the upgrade to the new OS, or looking at the calendar and pondering when to schedule, cyber-crooks are creating schemes of their very own. As time goes by, they’ll vigorously focus on obsolete systems and look for security vulnerabilities.

Even the most intrepid user needs to upgrade ultimately. If you continue to use it, then you are going to endanger the computer to a particular risk. These risks include:

Security Risks of Windows Vista

Even though Microsoft may well have patched the holes exploited for the duration of Vista’s life cycle, there are a lot more that have been, and still to be discovered. It becomes worse: the antivirus software used is not likely to stop these incidents.

Hackers have been extremely quick to take advantage of new-found vulnerabilities. Since Microsoft is no longer supporting Vista (or any end of life OS), the danger grows exponentially each time you turn on your computer.

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Compliance Risks of Windows Vista

For a business, this is very important to understand. Especially those real small mom-and-pop businesses just trying to squeak by. Several companies are subject to requirements that compel them to be running an operating system, which requires frequent patching.

For those who handle sensitive, legal, or personal information, this is particularly crucial. If you continue to use the unsupported OS, it places not merely the system’s security at risk, but also the whole business.

Software Incompatibility

The latest applications have been created specifically for the current operating systems. These updated apps necessitate that you won’t be able to upgrade beyond the apps you now possess and will rapidly phase-out of the latest updates and options across all the application types.

No Support

Vista’s conventional technical assistance halted in 2012. If you get jammed up, a fast Google search, a specialist on-call, or perhaps helpful support staff at Microsoft helpdesk inclined to break the rules; as of 2017, however, that all stopped.

The only technical assistance offered has been obsolete information you can find with Google, the answers which might send you all around with no resolution, or worse, to an evil website. Of course, then there is (or was) support from people like me who took pity on those poor souls who installed Windows Vista in the first place, even when it was new.

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Conclusion of Windows Vista End-of-Life

The answer is straightforward: upgrade the computer to Windows 10 (or another modern OS).

And when Windows 10 announces it is approaching the end of life, don’t procrastinate, just bite the snake and get with it. Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and will deliver the most value over time, in addition to the highest security Windows users have ever seen.

Vista may continue to work on computers for now, but every single day you are using, it leaves your computer system at ever-greater levels of risk.

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